Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patricks Day

Hello Everyone! 

here it is Met Monday--that weekend sure went fast! I do not have before pictures, but would like to share with you pictures of our home for st. patty day! A Metamorphosis of sorts! Valentines Day got taken down and put away weeks ago, windows have been washed, curtains cleaned-time to decorate for St. Patty Day! 

The green vases have been collected over the years from various places here in Berlin. It all started with large green ones, after buying those for 5 euros each I kept my eyes open for more. Some of the vases have silk flowers in them, a few are still empty-I am planning on buying fresh flowers for those. Other decorations were kindly brought to germany by a friend visiting from South Carolina.(Looking forward to what goodies she brings on her next visit!) The candels/napkins as well as some vases came from Ikea!

Time now to start planning my tablescape for Thursday-desperately looking for a black cauldron(for a pot of gold) maybe I will get lucky today when I am in town!

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