Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Felines like to dine in style too!

This one is for the furry family members!

Happy Tablescape Thursday Everyone! 

I trust you all had a wonderful week? As always mine was full of ups and downs, but I made it through on top-so I guess I am okay! This week´s entry is one I have wanted to do for a while. I know it is absolutely crazy to do so, but I must admit I had fun with this one!!

The rug and the place mat of course come from the states, as do the votive holders. The red and blue plates are from my espresso set.  The red and blue saucers are actually used to hold turkish tea glasses, but work just fine as their food bowls!

Our cats -  Will and Grace have been apart of our family now for almost 2 years. We can not imagine life without them anymore. Grace is our worry one-she had a car accident in 2009 resulting in a broken leg and collapsed lung and has recently been diagnosed with chronic gastritis! The meds and the change of diet are now finally working! I am learning to bake/cook cat treats from scratch! Will is healthy as can be, and is enjoying all the homemade treats he also gets to enjoy. As you probably can tell, we named them after the TV-Sticom! I am still hoping one day to have a jack and karen, but my husband says 2 are enough!!!

The feast is served! Homemade cookie cat cakes(tuna) and cooked chicken hearts(suggestion from our vet)

It has been one of those days and I am ready to put this one to rest. Here´s hoping tomorrow will a better one. I wish you all a happy easter! Be sure to stop by next week to enjoy my easter tables! 


  1. This is so funny and creative!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You must miss the U.S. Prayers for Grace to feel better. I had a cat as a pet when I was a kid but now I have birds. I still like cats but I don't want to stress the birds out by getting a cat. I don't think they would like that very much. As it is, they get an attitude when I don't provide them with clean water on Saturdays for their bath....sheesh.

  3. I love your patriotic kittyscape for creative!

  4. What a darling setting.

    So cute. HAPPY EASTER...

  5. Oh my dear. What a luck, that my kitty Sissi sit not beside me at the moment I get on your blog. She would never eat her food in the way we serve her. Thats such a elegant place where your felines have their dinner. Now I have to recreate Sissis feedingplace.

    If you want to meet Sissi Blofeld look at

    Wish you and the felines happy Easter.



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