Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St.Patty Day

Hello Everyone!

how is St. Patrick's Day for you? Here in Germany it is not celebrated, but still my house is full of green! I have my table for Thursday almost done-I am so excited to post the pictures tomorrow. I did not find a pot of gold anywhere in the stores, but here at home! I was cleaning out a closet in my store room and found a black flower pot-served my purpose. Well, you will have to wait till tomorrow to see what I created.

I officially opened the garden season today, by cleaning out the first flower beds-wow what a job-but one I enjoy. It is such a good feeling to see all the tulips coming up. The forecast is calling for rain this coming weekend-I hope they are wrong! But, if we do get all the rain, then it will be a sign from God for me to spend some time with my son, who will be returning from his 2 week class/ski trip! We are looking forward to his return and listening to all his stories. I am not looking forward to the laundry!!!

Okay, see you all tomorrow at Tablescape Thursday hosted by Between Naps on the Porch.

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