Thursday, April 15, 2010

Morgan Margarita´s

Here the promised Margarita recipe we successfully tried last Friday!

Morgans Margaritas

2 small bottles of Lime Juice or one cup

1/4 cups lime sweetener(we can get this here in Germany-usually used to make lime soda)

1-2 cups tequila

1/2 cup cointreau

The directions are simple: Mix and add Ice

As I mentioned in my tablescape Thursday post, we had a wonderful dinner with new friends last Friday. Mexican was the theme. Here the menu! Writing this makes my mouth water and my stomach crave for enchiladas!

A Mexican Fiesta

1 course: Corn/Bell Pepper Cream Soup

2 course: Chicken Enchiladas and Tacos 

Sides:      Guacamole, Spanish Rice, Sour Cream

Desert:    Mexican Ice Cream

I found the recipes all over-some from the internet, some from mexican cookbooks and some from Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book.  I am a cookbook junkie-I admit, but I find myself always coming back to the BHG Book--a must for every kitchen!


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